The first cycle of the FastFWD project brought to light the enormous opportunity for – and entrepreneurial response to – innovation around public safety. As such, we are excited to continue to expand our view of public safety to include broader stability of communities in FastFWD’s second cycle.

cycle 2 scope

For cycle two, we welcome applicants who look not only at reactive approaches to improving public safety, but also those who are innovating to be proactive in overall community stability.

Additional focus areas highlighted by our research include substance abuse, housing stability, and youth and gang violence; however, as in the last cycle, we welcome entrepreneurial solutions to addressing any need within public safety.

And, again as in the first cycle of FastFWD, we are looking for solutions that are viable not only in Philadelphia, but in cities worldwide.


Interviews with more than 75 city, academic and sector experts during the landscaping phase indicated that public safety is ripe for innovation:

  • Strong internal willingness among leaders in the space
  • Few competitive barriers limiting innovation
  • Significant overlap with Health and Education, allowing for cross sector innovation